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1. Building Healthy Relationships and Supportive Learning Communities Workshop with the Sanford Harmony CASEL SELect Program

2. How Smart are Your SMART Goals?

3. Ethical Considerations When Working with Immigrant Students

4. 5 Good Ideas about Counseling Students from Underserved Populations: A Conversation about Access & Equity in Counseling

5. A Trauma Informed Approach for Educators: Why It Matters

6. Study Smarter, Not Longer

7. Bullying: A Continuum of Behavior

8. Conquering the Diseases of Despair with Discoveries in Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Positive Education

9. Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Fundamentals

10. Personality in Counseling and Classroom: Opening the Door to Connection and Change

11. Preparing Students With High Functioning Autism in Transition to College

12. A Path to Exemplary School Counseling Programs: A Side by Side Look at the Texas Model, the Newly Revised TEMPSC, and the CREST Award Program

13. Successful Online Learners

14. Counseling the Gifted: How Gifted Traits Can Effect Individual and/or Group Sessions

15. Teacher Wellness: A Stepping Stone to Student Success

16. It Takes a Village: Effective Parent Presentations

17. A Call for School Counselor Mentors

18. Tech Savvy School Counseling

19. Campus Alliance Telehealth Resources - An Integrated Approach

20. Wrap Around Counseling Services for Emotional Wellness in the 21st Century

21. Change is Scary! What You Need to Know About Being a New Professional School Counselor

22. TSCA Presents: SWAT: A Whole Child Approach to Student Safety

23. TSCA Presents: New Counselor Academy: Basics for Beginners

24. Academic, Career, Personal, Social, Emotional...Oh My!

25. Fighting Goliath: The Teenager's Struggle with Vaping

26. Neurofeedback - A No Brainer for School Professionals!

27. House Bill 3 for School Counselors and New Counselor Supports from TEA

28. Seasons of a Military Connected Student

29. Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program: How Counselors Can Support Students Experiencing Homelessness

30. Music in Every Classroom: Using Music to Support & Enhance SEL in the Classroom

31. Help! I Want a Growth Mindset Using Origami, Makerspace, and Expressive Arts!

32. Texas Education Code and the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: What To Know and Do!

33. 'Why?' The Benefits of Foreign Transcript Evaluation

34. Data, Data, Data! Using Toggl to Track Use of Time

35. Aspirational Advocacy: Helping Our Cause

36. How Counselors Can Support Their School After a Major Race or Bias Incident

37. Preparing for the Unexpected

38. Thinking about Using your LPC? Details on What to Expect Outside of the Safety of the School System

39. School Counselors in the Court Room: An Overview of Ethical Consideration in the Legal System

40. Taking the Bully by Both Horns: The Usual Suspects and TALK-WALK-TELL

41. How Do We Get Adults to Change?

42. The Roots of Violence: Bullying, Gangs, Violence, Hate Crimes and Kids Killing Kids

43. Comprehensive Counseling Program Ideas for a New Year

44. Rising to the Challenge: Trauma-Informed School Counseling Supports

45. Group Work for Middle and High School

46. Counselors Working Within School to Community Systems of Mental Health Care for At-Risk Students

47. ROPES Experiential Activities that Build Connection and Promote Growth

48. Brainstorming for Student Success (Or 'You did whaaaaaat?! How did that work out for you?')

49. Expanding Character Education Beyond Classroom Guidance: Our School's Journey to State and National School of Character

50. Understanding and Interpreting Ethical & Legal Standards for School Counselors: A Review of ACA, ASCA, & the Texas Education Code

51. Using Texas OnCourse for Successful Middle to High School Transition: Tools for Understanding Endorsements and Careers

52. US Service Academies and the US Naval Academy: Application, Academics and Student Life

53. Promoting Modern Allyship: Helping Counselors to be Better LGBTQ+ Allies

54. Taking the Next Step in Your Career as a School Counselor

55. Preparing for Crisis Are you Ready?

56. Seeking a Sense of Belonging: Race and Equity and the Role of School Counselors as Builders of Cultural Proficiency

57. Building a Toolkit to Support Mental & Behavioral Health Needs of Students

58. Bully Prevention on the Elementary Campus; Part 1

59. It's a Matter of Motivation: Strategies for Supporting Students and Staff

60. How to Reach Kids who are Stuck: EMDR and Other Interventions for Students who Don't Know Which way is Up

61. Not Being Heard? The use of Sandtray to Build Strong and Supportive Relationships With Students and School Stakeholders

62. When Students Struggle: Suicide Assessment and Treatment for the School Counselor

63. TEMPSC-III: Enhancing School Counselor Practice Through Job-related Performance Evaluation

64. Easy as 1-2-3, Counseling Strategies for New and Experienced Counselors

65. Prevention and Awareness of School-Aged Child Human Trafficking

66. Conquering the Diseases of Despair with Discoveries in Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Positive Education

67. Welcome to Southwest Airlines! Please Prepare Your Program for Take Off

68. Mind Design: Equipping Kids with an Ancient Brain for Modern Life

69. Renew, Energize, Recreate, and Invigorate - Stressless Integration of Techniques Into Your Environment

70. You Can Earn A CREST!

71. The Bottom of the Bowl-Alphabet Soup Lessons U-Z

72. Benefits of Laughter and More

73. How Can We, as Professional School Counselors, Grow our Students and Teachers With Social and Emotional Supports?

74. Post-secondary Educational Resources for Students Who Have Experienced Foster Care

75. Guidance Lessons With A Techy Twist

76. Teens, Sex and Choices

77. Be YOU! Addressing Minority Stress with LGBTQ+ Students

78. How can the Texas Education Agency Support the Role of a Professional School Counselor?

79. Bully Prevention on the Elementary Campus; Part 2

80. Generation Wellness

81. I'm Grieving as Fast as I Can' - About Life and Loss

82. Brain Love

83. Understanding and Interpreting Ethical & Legal Standards for School Counselors: A review of ACA, ASCA, & the Texas Education Code

84. Guidance 101

85. Suicidal Ideation and Intervention in Elementary Schools

86. How to Make Them say, 'Oh, I get it.' Using Non-traditional Techniques to Reach Non-traditional Clients

87. Teaching Character in Middle and High Schools, A Direct Response to Texas House Bill 1026

88. Child-Centered Play Therapy in the School Setting: Implementation and Beyond

89. Overcoming Overwhelm:The Power of Resilience!

90. Addressing the Unique Needs of Military Connected Students

91. I'm Fine, We're Fine, It's Fine - Secondary Trauma for Educators

92. School Counselors and Comprehensive SEL Integration

93. Expanding Your Repertoire of Effective Guidance Lessons

94. Duke University Talent Identification Program

95. Supporting Students Experiencing Early Psychosis in Middle School and High School

96. From Chaos to Calm: Why People Behave the Way They Do; What Can I Do About It

97. Creating Career Day Events Your Students Will Never Forget!

98. Holistic Approach to Continuity and Self-care Among Educators: Combining Education and Counseling Theories

99. SCHOLAR: Online Resources and Supports for Texas School Counselors

100. Grief Groups in Schools

101. Tough Conversations: A Paradigm for Counselors in Understanding, Leading, and Participating in Complicated Conversations

102. Standing Back Up: Working Through A Traumatic Event (such as Hurricane Harvey)

103. Resilience Can Be Taught: 10 Strategies Proven to Motivate Any Student

104. Close the Tap! Regaining Your Health and Strength Through Thoughtful Self-care

105. Plugged In - The Impact of Technology, Sexting, and Pornography on Today's Teens

106. The Missing Piece to Employer Engagement and Career Advising

107. The College Admissions Scandal and You: Going to College in the Era of Operation Varsity Blues

108. Mental Wellness Matters

109. How to Survive Middle School: Fostering Positive Relationships

110. I Teach Behavior, What's Your Superpower?

111. Building Bridges, Not Barriers: School Counselors and Restorative Justice in Schools

112. Addressing the Epidemic of Youth Homelessness

113. Nature, Green Space and Adventure: Counseling, Small Group and Large Group Activities that You Can Use

LI1. Movies and Music and Play, Oh My!

LI2. Divorced Families: Teaching Ways to Collaborate with Parents on Coping Mechanisms

LI3. Playing Around-Designing Counseling Games for Children and Youth